These classes are a great opportunity to learn how to improve and maintain your health through integrating yogic postures. breathing techniques and mindfulness in your daily life. Promoting harmony and health in the body 8. mind.

Therapeutic Yoga Classes

In the morning classes, we will specifically go into these 7 topics:

a Monday: Healthy Breath

a Tuesday: Healthy Digestion

a Wednesday: Healthy Stress

a Thursday: Healthy Sexuality (focused on the Pelvic Floor)

a Friday: Healthy Emotions

a Saturday: Healthy Mind

a Sunday: Healthy Sleep

''more specific information per topic below''

Join to:

• Get a better understanding about the topic and the influence on your health

• Learn the scientific background and how to integrate this with the yogic approach.

• Practice specific topic related techniques to promote greater overall health.

These 2-hour classes consist of a short theoretical introduction with space for 08A. Followed by a 90 minutes Therapeutic Yoga

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