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About D'Vine Yoga

By sharing the knowledge on how to live a joyful and blissful life, we seek to raise the consciousness, health and happiness of the general population on the planet.

D-Vine Yoga is an educational, spiritual, non-governmental, non-profit organisation founded by Swami Shri Sachidanand Ji. We are committed and dedicated to uplifting social and spiritual aspects of human life. Our vision is to educate and empower all human beings and to create a divine society by developing awareness of the divinity within each of us.

We are a non-profit organisation. All money from admission fees is used for covering all necessary expenses such as venue rental, accommodation, promotion, travel costs, etc., with any remaining profits to be put towards charity. Everyone connected with the organisation is dedicated to sharing the divine knowledge. We welcome all donations and thank you for supporting this noble cause!

D'Vine Yoga - Yoga Teacher Training in India

What We Offer


The ultimate breathing exercise for releasing repressed feelings and emotions. You will feel a sensational energy flow through your body.


Another breathing exercise that consists of forceful breathing, which enables oxygen to reach deeper parts of the lungs.

300 Hour Teacher Training in India

Pranayama means life force energy. During this process you consciously inhale, exhale and hold your breath. This increase of oxygen in the body will activate and revitalize each cell.


It is a well known fact that meditation calms the mind, lowers blood pressure and has an overall positive effect on health. We go straight into guided and silent meditations after breathing, which prepares our body and mind for meditation.


• Mind becomes more focused and memory is enhanced

• Removes toxins (accumulated stress) from every cell in your body

• Gives enormous joy and enthusiasm

• Harmonizes personal and professional relationships

• Relives depression, worries and anxiety

• Strengthens your immune system

• Reduces cortisol (stress hormone)

• Increases protactinium (well-being hormone)

• Increase in antioxidant enzyme level

• Increase in concentration, confidence and responsibility

• Enhances interpersonal skills, greater creativity and clear perception

• Enables you able to control anger and minimize negativity

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Online Yoga Courses and Classes - D'vine Yoga

Ideal For all Yoga Practitioners

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Meeting ID : 9324124187

Live Streaming : 36 Days(6-8 Hours/Day)

Course Upcoming Dates:

28th August to 2nd October

7th October to 11th November

14th November to 19th December

Price : $849

Meet Our Yoga Teachers

We have group of teachers, who are highly qualified, loving, caring and deep in spirituality experience. & We are mix of Eastern and Western teaches.

Swami Sachidanand-compressed
Swami Sachidanand

(Lead Trainer)

Marie Richtsfeld
Marie Richtsfeld

(Yin Yoga Teacher)

yogesh jakhmola
Yogesh Jakhmola

(RYT-200/ 300 Anatomy Teacher)

Nikhil Rawat RYT-500

(Advanced Ashtanga Teacher)

Fani Hristova RYT-200

(Hatha/Tantra Teacher)

Kartik Bhandari

RYT -200 (Hatha/ Ashtanga Teacher)

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